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Caster Correction Offset Bushings for Mercedes GWagon

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Caster Correction Offset Bushings for the Mercedes GWagen W463

Caster adjustments are fixed on the G-Wagen W463 chassis for model years up to 2018. There are only a couple of options when lifting the G-Class, as there are no adjustments form the factory.

You will the following option:
  • Install these Eurowise Performance caster bushings
  • Install new Radius Arms with built in caster corrections
  • Install the Canadian Military radius arm Frame Brackets
If your lift is up to 50mm, the caster correction offset bushings will fix your caster.

A lift higher than 50mm will require the Radius Arms or the Frame Brackets installation option.

Why will you need the Caster Correction Offset Bushings for your G-Wagon?

The caster angle is the angular displacement from the vertical axis to the suspension of a steered wheel in a vehicle, measured in the longitudinal direction.

It is the angle between the pivot line (an imaginary line that runs through the center of the upper ball joint to the center of the lower ball joint) and a vertical plum line.  


The illustration above shows the various caster angles. 0° indicates the vertical axis, the -/+ indicates the pivot line

What does an incorrect caster angle mean to the G-Wagen owner?

Since a caster adjustment is not possible on W463 GWagon chassis, proper wheel alignment is very challenging if at all possible.

Therefore your vehicle will tend to veer either the right or left, which results in:
  • Unpleasant handling
  • Tires will wear out faster due to steering correction, which can be costly
  • Incorrect alignment may result in either heavy or light steering

Optimizing this alignment angle will provide improved handling and proper tire grip.

Colors may vary.