Field Camping Kitchen by Kanz Outdoor


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A G-Wagen owners perfect camping/overland field kitchen ready for your next outdoor adventure. Carefully selected materials offer a fusion of science and nature. 
Compact and lightweight, these outdoor kitchens are easy to handle and setup rather quickly. Logical layout offers perfect organization on rock steady legs. The work surfaces are ergonomic in either a standing or sitting position. Premium materials offer not only strength and durability, but also a beautiful modern European design. 

VTS-7530 - Field Kitchen w. Propane Stove
Includes the industry toughest 2-burner stove from Partner Steel Co. The 2-burners deliver 10,000 BTU each. This extra wide (22 inch) stove is mounted with a thumb screw to the top shelf. It comes with a long leg set, side shelves, silver ware drawer, 4 double wall mugs and a place mat set.    

VTS-7531 - Field Kitchen w. Propane Stove, fully furnished
Includes stove, side shelves, silver ware drawer, 4 double wall mugs, a place mat set, long leg set, a complete cookware set and a protective cover. You save time and money, compared to individual compilation of the same items. 
Complete cookware includes: (1 Snow Peak stainless steel cook set, Al-Dente, 1 GSI 10" Frying Pan, 1 GSI, stainless steel 6 cup percolator/Water boiler w. silicone handle, 4 KANZ Outdoors double walled stainless steel mugs, 5 blue enamel dinner plates, 4 blue enamel bowls, Silverware and utensils set assortment for group of 6, bamboo personal cutting board, large cutting board)

VTS-7532 - Field Kitchen Vacant
This furnish yourself field kitchen is perfect if you already have your basic camping kitchen set or want to customize it with your own gourmet kitchen items.
Included are a long legs set, side shelves, silver ware drawer, 4 double wall mugs and a matt set. 

Most 2-burner stoves and some 3-burner stoves will fit. The kitchen comes with fuel access hole on the right side in front.

VTS-7533 Leg Set Long

VTS-7534 Leg Set Short

VTS-7535 Cover for Field Kitchen 
Additional Product Specifications: 
Outside Dimensions: H 19.4 in x W 25.4 in x D 15.00 in
Inside Dimensions of stove compartment: H 6.3 in x W 24.8 in x D 14.0 in 
Inside Dimensions of silver ware drawer: H 4.0 in x W 3.8 in x D 13.9 in
Group size:   6+2
Weight (empty): 25 lbs
Weight (with Partner Steel propane stove): 36 lbs
Weight of optional cookware set: 16 lbs 
Table top height (long leg set): 26 in 
Counter top height (long leg/short leg set): 43 in/ 37 in 
Transport: One foldable sprung handle on each side with rubber grip
Material: Baltic birch plywood riveted to marine grade aluminum panels
Finish: Polyurethane clear coat on wood panels inside and outside
Shipping Dimensions: 20.0 in x 26.5 in x 15.8 in