Gullwing Right Side Window Glass for Mercedes G-Wagen


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Need easy side access to the cargo area on the passenger side?  The Glass Gullwing Window provides just that and convenient access to the rear cargo area while refueling. It replaces the rear side window of the Mercedes G-Wagon in just a minutes. It is hinged at the top with an upward/outward opening window, creating easy side access to the rear storage area for any Gelandewagen (460, 461 and 463 up until 2018 model).

Please note: In 463 models 2002 and later the original glass is equipped with an antenna up to the headliner which will need to be replaced.

While built for ease of use and off-road durability, the Left Glass Gullwing Window looks smart and was designed with the exterior styling of the vehicle in mind, and truly blends seamlessly.

  • The window fits in just minutes, no modifications required.
  • 2 locking latches included
  • The original window can be reinstalled in minutes to return the Gelandewagen to stock.

1 x Gullwing window
1 x Gullwing window frame

6mm toughened glass
Black powder-coated 3CR12

31.9" (810mm) L x 2.1" (53mm) W x 18.9" (480mm) H

19.2lbs (8.7kg)

Glass specs:

Visible Light: 
Transmission: 44
Reflection Outside: 5 
Solar Energy: 
Total Elimination: 38
Reflection Outside: 5
Absorption 1: 47
Direct Transmission: 47
SHGC: 0.62 
Shading Coefficient: 
Ratio: 0.71 

U Value: 
(W/m2).K (Center of Glass): 5.8



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