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Adventures in the Canyon Country

Adventures in the Canyon Country

The G-wagen was not designed to be kept on the asphalt, therefore it was high time to take it out for a bit of sand and dirt and some camping under the stars.

We love the southern Utah desert and started out by trying our luck at  the BLM office in Kanab for a chance to hike to ‘The Wave’ wasn’t meant to be this time.

Instead we chose to drive the G-Wagen to a remote slot canyon and continued our journey to tackle some deep sand to a canyon not too far. 


We chose to air down to about 18 psi, and even though the lockers would not engage, not a problem, we got in and out just fine.

 It sure is pretty off the beaten path, only ran into a couple of other hikers in the canyon. That's the way we like it.

At the trailhead of Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon

Lily is better off leash!

The walls looked like liquid magma that time of day.

Stay tuned for we continue our journey up north to Escalante.

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