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Slimline Accessories - Sport

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Choose your Roof Rack Accessories below:: Cargo Roller -- VTS-7450

Pro SUP/Canoe/Kayak/Outrigger Canoe/Surfski Carrier VTS-7485

This versatile carrier will fit most Standup Paddle Boards, Canoes, Kayaks, Windsurfers, Va'a and surf skis.  Your toys will be secured to the carrier using the supplied straps and eye nuts, offering easy and effortless loading and unloading

Cargo Roller VTS-7450

Easily load heavy large and/or long gear and supplies onto your Slimline rack. The Cargo Roller can be quickly mounted to the side, or the rear, of your Slimline rack.

  • Each roller is 19.5" (496mm) wide and accommodates most loads. To create an even wider rolling surface two rollers can be installed directly next to each other.
  • Each roller bracket set features 4 tie-down points for cargo straps
  • The cargo roller features a nylon bearing housing and has a soft rubber surface to prevent damage to high-value items.

Rack Pad Set - Surfboard Pad - VTS-7451

These aerodynamic foam pads will transport virtually anything and were specifically designed to fit the Slimline rack slats.

 Cargo Tie Downs - Black - VTS-7452

This bungee cord straps are perfect to secure any load to your Slimline roof rack, improved with a Velcro tab and larger SS carabiner. Set includes 2 straps.

  • Adjustable from 22” (560mm) to 63” (1524mm) and with an additional 8” (203mm) when fully stretched.

 Cargo Tie Downs Short - Grey - VTS-7453

Shorter version of the original Cargo Tie downs. Set includes 2 straps.

  • Adjustable from 18.5" (470mm) in length to 40" (1017mm) in length.

Cargo Tie Down Rings - Stainless Steel - VTS-7454

Easily mount to the t-slots anywhere on the Slimline Roof Rack, top, bottom or side, there are virtually endless options to your tie down options. Sold in Pairs. 
No tools required. Just hand tighten.

Cargo Tie Down Rings - Black - VTS-7455

Same as above - these are galvanized steel, powder coated black. Sold in pairs.

Thru Axle Bike Carrier - VTS-7456

Bring your bike along on the trail. This off-road tough Bike carrier was designed to go anywhere.
Fits 100mm x 15mm  and  110mm x 20mm Thru-Axles, 110mm x 15mm Boost Hubs and the rear tire holders will fit up to 4.5” Jumbo Tires.

Fork Mount Bike Carrier - VTS- 7457

Bring your bike along on any adventure with this fork mount carrier.

  • Front fork clamp features a quick release that fits all standard fork dropouts.
  • Rear wheel holder can accommodate all wheel sizes and widths from 700C x 23mm road wheels up to 26 x 4.5" fat bike tires.

Thru Axle Adapter for Fork Mount Bike Carrier - VTS-7458

Safely and securely transport your bike using this adjustable Thru Axle Adapter for 100 x 15mm and 110 x 20mm Thru Axles, as well as 110 x 15mm Boost Hubs.

Note: The Thru Axle Adapter must be used with the Fork Mount Bike Carrier.

Vertical Surfboard Carrier - VTS-7459

Free up valuable storage space for a Roof Top Tent or other gear. Designed to keep your boards safe and secure during transport even on the toughest off roads. Features variable length adjustment, padded board protection and 2 carrying positions.

  • 2 supplied cargo tie down straps hold the Surfboard snug against padded side rests. 
  • The vertical holders can be folded down and stored flat against the rack top.
  • In the vertical position the holders measure 15.8" (400mm) tall from the underside of the Slimline Rack Tray. When folded flat in the locked horizontal position the holders measure 45 mm high from the underside of the Slimline Rack Tray.


Paddle Board (SUP), Surfboard & Windsurf Carrier - VTS-7461

For use with most SUP's, Surfboards, Wind Surf and Kite Boards. Specially designed to keep your boards safe and secure during transport on the world’s toughest roads. Features variable width adjustment, padded board protection and universal water sport board compatibility.
Kit includes a pair of board holders and a cargo tie down set and all necessary hardware.
Each Board Carrier can hold 1 to 2 boards. 


Ski, Snowboard & Fishing Rod Carrier - VTS-7462

Securely store longer gear such as Skis, Snowboards and Fishing Rods on your Slimline Roof Rack with these alligator-grip style holders. 

  • The soft 1.2" (30mm) wide rubber grips tight without scratching the surfaces of your valuable gear in all weather conditions.
  • Lock your valuable Ski / Snowboard / Fishing Rods in place for extra security. Supplied with 4 keys.
  • The locking mechanism has a ratchet feature to allow easy closing of the holders for gear up to 1.2" (30mm) thick.
  • Usable opening size: 19.5" (495mm).
  • There is a 2.6" (65mm) clearance distance from the top of the rack or load bar slat to the bottom of the Snowboard / Fishing Rod.
  • A holder set can accommodate two (2) pairs of Ski's or one (1) Snowboard (two (2) with bindings removed).

Universal Side Mounting Brackets - VTS-7463

Universal brackets that fit onto the Slimline Roof Rack's side profile, allowing you to mount accessories to your roof rack without having to drill into it.

Shower Arm - Rack Mounted - VTS-7464

Mount the base plate to the slats on the sides of a Slimline Roof Rack Tray, then quickly snap in and retract the folded arm for the perfect solution for hanging your solar shower or shower head.