Installation Manual for the G-Class Roof Ladder

Installation Manual for the VTS  Roof Access Ladder

Exclusively for Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen W460, W461 & W463 with SINGLE rear door

NOTE: W460 & W461 models have a different Frame Bracket than the W463.  The G550 needs a different bumper/frame bracket kit. Installation photos are W463

The hardware package consists of the following:

1. Frame Bracket
2. Ladder Mounting Plate
3. Rain Gutter Locking Bar

Mounting Hardware:

5. Two (2) M-10 x 35 mm Hex Bolt
6. Four (4) M-6 x 20 mm Allen Cap Screw, SST
7. Two (2) M-6 x 20 mm Button Head Screw, SST
8. Six (6) M-6 Washer, SST
9. One (1) 5” x 2-1/2” Foam Pad

Unpack the ladder and lay out the included hardware:

    Frame Bracket for W460/461

    Frame Bracket for W463

Tools Needed:

o Philips Screw Driver, 1/4" Drive Ratchet, Extension, 4mm and 5mm Allen Sockets

o Two 17 mm closed end/combination Wrench

o Clamp and Wood Block (1x2 or 19mm)


Installation of the Frame Mounting Bracket

Please Note: A separate Frame Mounting Kit for the G-550 is available - see amendment

· Remove the two existing M-10 hex bolts on the right outside bumper bracket


· Install the new Frame Bracket using the new longer M-10 x 40 mm hex bolts. With the two threaded M-6 holes facing the rear, position the bracket into the gap between body and the top of the bumper

· The two threaded M-6 hole must be levelled up nicely horizontal, use washer/spacer as needed to achieve

· Finger tighten the M-10 bolts. Do not use wrench at this point as the bracket needs positioning with the ladder so not to interfere with the door, light and bumper



· Remove the right rear tail light lens

· Insert the Ladder Mounting Plate as shown between the body/bumper gap and fasten it to the previously installed Frame Bracket using the M-6 x 20mm Allen cap screws & washers. Again, just finger tighten until the ladder is in place and top of ladder has been tightened.



NOTE: If the existing gap of body/bumper is too tight, readjustment of the bumper will be required

Again, the Ladder Mounting Plate has to be level installed.


Installation of the Roof Access Ladder
· Fold the included Foam Pad into a “S” shape and insert into the ladder’s upper mount as shown

· Carefully slip the top of the ladder onto the rain gutter making sure the protective pad is still in place to cushion the ladder against the gutter and vehicle paint finish. This must be done at the same time as the bottom of the ladder positions on the M-6 spacer of the Ladder Mounting Plate

· Position the left side of the ladder approximately one inch from the door gap as shown


· Sight the ladder’s vertical position and adjust it carefully parallel to the rear door frame / gap


· Re-install the tail light lens

· Adjust the clearance between the tail light lens, Ladder Bracket and the rear door as needed

· Carefully check for correct rear door open & close operations

· Remove protective adhesive film from Locking Bar and with the narrower side of the bar to the right (rain gutter slopes down to the right) line up the mounting holes with the upper ladder mount and push it up against the under side of the rain gutter as shown


· Using a small wooden block and a clamp; gently clamp the Locking Bar against the gutter applying enough pressure to align the holes to securely mount the top of the ladder

NOTE: If the optional light kit was purchased, install its bracket now.



· Insert the two button head screws and washers and tighten them down securely. Do not over tighten as the Locking Bar is threaded aluminum.

· Install the two M-6 Allen cap srews and washers through the Frame Bracket into the threaded stand-offs




· After verifying the correct clearance to the rear door and tail light lens; tighten the two M‐10 hex bolts on

Frame Bracket and the two M‐6 Allen cap screws on Ladder Bracket securely



Amendment: Frame Mounting Kit for the G-550


Due to the large fuel tank protection plate found on the late G-Class (G-550) the mounting space for our standard lower mounting bracket has been mostly taken by the protection plate.

· Unplug the cable from the very right back-up sensor

· Remove the existing right hand outer bumper bracket completely from the truck

· Insert the new supplied bumper bracket and fasten it lightly to the bumper and frame, using the existing bolts.

· Re-route the harness again through the bracket and plug it back into the sensor.

· Install the t-shaped adapter using the M10 x 25mm bolts and washer against the new bumper bracket. Do not tighten it completely.




Follow and complete the ladder installation with the instructions on Page Two.

For installation questions please contact: