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Ladder Wiring Harness Installation

Ladder Harness Installation for LED and/or Back Up Light



To install the wiring through the ladder's conduit, insert the ladder harness from the top down to the tail light ladder frame. A suitable fishing tool might be needed to do this task.

Leave only 1-1/2" of the harness with the water-proofed connector out of the top, just long enough to connect the LED light to it.





On the bottom end of the ladder harness , Install/crimp the included ring connector to the brown and the flat connector to the black wire.

Continue with the ladder install.

After the roof access ladder has been install correctly, mount the optional back-up light bracket over the ladder's top rain gutter mount, using the supplied longer stainless steel button head screws.

Route the bottom end of the ladder harness around the right tail light lens or cut a small section out of the lens's rubber gasket and route the wires behind the lens further down

Install the brown wire (ground ) from the ladder harness, with its ring terminal to one of the bumper bracket’s M-10 bolts.

The black wire will be connected to the vehicle side harness later.

Vehicle Harness Installation for 2002+ MBUSA W463 G-Wagen

Before working on the electrical system, please disconnect the vehicle's battery, refer to the Mercedes-Benz factory instructions.


Remove the small carpet section & metal cover in the left rear cargo area of your G-wagen.

Disconnect the small power and the fiber optic connector from the 6-disk CD changer.

Unscrew the CD-changer with the brackets - two M-6 hex bolts on each side. Remove the CD changer with its brackets and locate the accessory equipment connector X30/2 below. It is a single, two section connector.

This is a factory photo, the area in your vehicle might look more cluttered.


At part "B" of the X30/2 connector, locate green/yellow wire at pin 7 (back-up light) 

At part "A" of the X30/2 connector, locate the red wire at pin# 5 (battery +12V)




Fasten/crimp the blue T-tap splice to the green/yellow wire at X30/2 pin B-7 and connect the green wire from the new switch (terminal 1) to it.

Fasten/crimp the yellow T-tap splice to the red wire at X30/2 pin A-5 (this one has always +12V power) and connect the red wire from the new switch (terminal 3) to it.

Route the long black wire from the new switch (terminal 2) through one of the rubber grommets in the bottom, tie it to the existing harness behind the bumper and connect it with the other black wire from the ladder harness, using the mating crimp connector. 


Rocker Switch Installation

Remove the left rear interior panel by pulling off the cloth covered vertical trim piece.

Unplug /disconnect the speaker cable and disconnect the 12V power outlet from the vehicle's wire loom.

Choose a good location for the new rocker switch to be cut into the plastic interior panel. This switch controls the "back-up light" and the "camping light" mode.

Make sure there is enough space behind the interior panel for the three spade connectors.



Cut a rectangular hole 1/2" x 7/8" for the rocker switch into the panel and snap it into its place.

Reconnect the three wires as followTerminal 1 green wire from the X30/2 splice at pin B-7Terminal 2 black wire from the LED light fixture Terminal 3 red wire from the X30/2 splice at pin A-5

Reinstall the interior panel, do not forget to reconnect the speaker and 12V power outlet wires.

Reinstall the CD changer, access plate and carpet as needed.

For installation to the earlier W463 G-Wagen

A similar installation for the earlier G-wagen is possible.

The installer needs to provide fused +12VDC battery power to the rocker switch (red wire), and connect/extend the green wire from the rocker switch, to the existing back-up light wiring.

LED Flood Light Installation



Install one of the available LED Flood Lights, 15W large or 12W small LED fixture, onto the ladder’s light bracket.

Trim the cable pig-tail as necessary, install the contact pins for the connector on each of the two wires, and insert the wires with the pins into the connector housing.

The white (or red) wire (+12V) needs to be inserted into the 'B' chamber of the housing.

The black wire (-12V) needs to be inserted into the 'A' chamber of the housing.

Connect the LED fixture to the ladder harness.

For a dual LED flood light installation to a roof rack, a longer fixture cable needs to be provided by the installer.

12 W 10-30VDC LED 15W 10-30VDC LED 


Final Check Out

Carefully reconnect the vehicle's battery as per Mercedes-Benz instructions. 

Check-out the camping light mode, the light should stay on without the ignition on or the engine running.

Move the switch into the other position and the LED light should go out.

Now, set the hand brake, turn on the ignition and shift the gear level into "R" and the LED fixture should turn on as an additional back-up light.

Re-adjust the LED light beam pattern if necessary.