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Control Arm Bracket (Military Style) Kit - Rear Axle

SKU VTS-7260
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Military style Control Arm Bracket kit (for rear axle only) to lower the control arm mounting points on W460/W461 or W463 G Class models

These military style brackets help to offset the adverse conditions when lifting the Gwagen.  The bushing housing for the control arm is tilted a few degrees to help realign the driveshafts. They will drop the arms about 1 to 1-1/2 inch. These brackets are the way to go...restored steering geometry and driveline angles.

To install you will need to cut off and remove the existing mounting brackets, and weld the new control arm mounting brackets to the frame of your W460/W461 or W463 G-wagen.

Here's a customer's take: 

"Enough procrastination. I weighed lowering against the offset bushings and decided that lower brackets made more sense for me. It looked like the previous angle of the control arm in the bracket was just about at its maximum degree of flex. Anyway the lower brackets have solved both the vibration and caster issues and hopefully give me back some wheel travel."

* Cutting & Welding is required for the installation of this product.

Military Design Control Arm Bracket for Gwagon VTS-7260