Door Retention Replacement Band for a 90° Door Opening (rear passenger doors only)


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Door Retention Bands for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class models, to open the right and left rear passenger doors to a full 90° opening. All W463 G-wagon from 1990 until 2018, and W461 models (from G290TD on). Some W460 vehicle maybe applicable. These door retention band replacements are for the the right and left rear passenger doors only, they will not fit on the front doors.

A new Mercedes-Benz Collar Pin is included with each Door Retention Band, please see the install instructions below

VTS-5017  Set of one 90° Door Retention Band and one Collar Pin         $40.00 plus S&H

VTS-5017-2  Set of two 90° Door Retention Bands and two Collar Pins   $75.00 plus S&H

Installation instructions


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