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Replacement Valves for G-Wagen Hutchinson Beadlock Wheels

SKU VTS-WA-1873-V-4
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$40.00 - $50.00
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Replacement valves for the G-Wagon Hutchinson Beadlock Wheels.

Available in sets of 4 or 5 valve sets for the following wheels:

Valve Set of 4 for WA-1873 16" Beadlock Wheel  --  VTS-WA-1873-V-4
Valve Set of 5 for WA-1873 16" Beadlock Wheel  --  VTS-WA-1873-V-5
Valve Set of 4 for WA-0492 16" Beadlock Wheel  --  VTS-WA-0429-V-4
Valve Set of 5 for WA-0492 16" Beadlock Wheel  --  VTS-WA-0429-V-5
Valve Set of 4 for WA-2059 18" Beadlock Wheel  --  VTS-WA-2059-V-4
Valve Set of 5 for WA-2059 18" Beadlock Wheel  --  VTS-WA-2059-V-5 

Valve Set of 4 for WI-0418/WA-0418 16" Military Beadlock Wheel  --  VTS-WA-0418-V-4
Valve Set of 5 for WI-0418/WA-0418 16" Military Beadlock Wheel  --  VTS-WA-0418-V-5


Note for all Military issue wheels:

Military G-Wagon wheel WI-0418/WA-0418 is not compatible with light truck commercial tires. Failure to comply may result in serious injury or death.

By purchasing and using these valves, you acknowledge and agree that assumes no responsibility or liability for any risks associated with their use. You, the user, assume all risks and responsibilities.