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James Baroud GRAND RAID Roof Top Tent

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James Baroud Grand Raid Hard Shell Roof Top Tent for Mercedes G-Wagon

The James Baroud Roof Top Tents have dominated the premium roof top tent market for more than 20 years and are considered  the Mercedes of all roof top tents ever built. Therefore it is only natural that you would only consider the best possible option to outfit your G-Wagen with this superior lineup of roof top tents on the market.

Most roof top tent manufacturers charge extra for features which come standard with each James Baroud Roof Top Tent which is backed by an industry leading warranty.

All James Baroud hard shell roof top tents come fully equipped with:

  • 5 year warranty
  • Fiberglass outer shell
  • 3" high-density mattress
  • Gas strut-assisted opening
  • Telescoping aluminum ladder
  • Solar powered ventilation fan
  • Mounted removable LED-flashlight
  • Mounting brackets
  • Large ceiling storage net
  • Removable interior storage pocket

The GRAND RAID roof top tent opens via a full pop-up mechanism to maximize living area inside the tent, and features a storage cutout on the outside of the tent which is useful for stowing lightweight items. This integrated storage tray can secure an additional 65 lbs of cargo and includes tie-down points. 

To maximize airflow there are entrances on both sides of the tent, and for extreme conditions, ventilation can also be assisted by the solar-powered ventilation system. Access to the tent is easily gained by using the folding ladder that comes standard with all James Baroud roof top tents and attaches to either side of the tent.

Dimensions Grand RAID RTT - XXL:

Exterior Dimensions: Interior Dimensions:
Length - Standard: 89.5" Length - Standard: 89"
Width - Standard: 64.5" Width - Standard: 64"
Height (closed): 13.5"
Height (open): 41.5" Height (open) - Standard & XXL: 41"
Storage Tray: 46" x 36"


Additional Hardshell James Baroud Roof Top Tent features:

Tent Fabric: It is our guarantee that you will not find a more outperforming ,higher quality fabric on any other roof top tent. All James Baroud RTT's utilize a proprietary aluminized polyester with acrylic coating which is 100% waterproof, UV-resistant, solar reflective and breathable. 
We guarantee you won't find a higher-quality, better-performing fabric on any roof top tent.  All windows are covered with quality insect-proof netting.

Mattress: The part you sleep on is one of the most important features of a roof top tent: The mattress. All James Baroud roof top tents feature a moisture-resistant 3" thick high-density foam mattress. Mattresses have a zippered cover for easy removal and cleaning. 

Interior Storage: All tents include a removable storage pocket for stowing wallets, keys, phones, tablets, clothing, headlamps, or anything else you need to quickly stash inside the tent. The SPACE hard shell tents include an additional large ceiling storage net.  

Assisted Opening: Patented gas strut-assisted opening makes set up incredibly fast and easy - less than half a minute, and almost as fast to collapse back down. 

Simple Mounting: Hard shell tents are very easy to install. Roof top tents feature reinforced mounting rails integrated into the lower shell platform of the tent, and include installation brackets allowing easy direct mounting to most aftermarket roof rack systems.

To mount to a Slimline Roof rack you will want to add the Hard Shell Tent Mount Bracket Kit.

Ladder: Entry to the tent is easily gained by using the included, specially-designed telescoping aluminum ladder. This unique design automatically adjusts to the height of your vehicle and prevents bending while you're in the tent.

Durability and Extreme Weather Performance: All James Baroud tents have passed a grueling durability test, and you can sleep in confidence knowing that James Baroud tents are waterproof and tested in winds up to 60 mph.  James Baroud employs a former Dakkar Rally driver to conduct testing on each tent. For added comfort in extreme temperatures, add a Comfort Mat under your mattress (see Accessories). 

Outer Shell: The outer shell of all James Baroud hard shell tents (available in 3 colors and countless custom colors) utilizes fiberglass fortified polyester. Aerodynamic channels on the upper shell help decrease wind noise and provide additional structural strength and rigidity while increasing fuel economy. 

LED Flashlight: All hard shell tents feature a bright 15-LED rechargeable flashlight. Made of tough polycarbonate with an integrated belt clip, the light may be removed from the tent and carried around camp to illuminate your way wherever you go. Includes a USB charging cord as well as a charge indicator LED. 

Ventilation: James Baroud hardshell tents feature a unique electric ventilation fan powered by a sealed solar panel on top of the tent shell. The ventilation fan is completely waterproof and can run on 24 hours on a single charge. Additional air vents with integrated dust filters on each side of the tent provide air circulation inside while the tent is closed. 

Industry Leading Warranty: James Baroud roof top tents come with the most inclusive warranty in the market: 5 years for hardshell tents. Warranty covers manufacturer's defects and failure of the tent fabric, shell, and strut mechanism. James Baroud tents are designed to allow replacement of any part of the tent by your local authorized dealer- so just get in touch with us any issues with your roof top tent.

Custom Color Upgrade: James Baroud can now produce custom ordered colors on all hardshell roof top tents. Custom color roof top tents are made with the same high quality materials and finish as the standard white, black, and gray colors- the custom color is NOT just a wrap or a plastic-dip. This is a OEM custom color option.


Custom color selection is not a paint-matching service. You must choose from one of the color options available in the RAL Classic Color Palette. Please contact us for help.

Due to extremely high demand, there may be a 4 - 8 week lead time. Custom colors take longer due to the manufacturing cue after order placement. Please contact us for current product availability. 

All roof top tents will be shipped to your closest local freight terminal. Residential delivery is available for an additional fee.

Any additional accessories pictured on the car are not included with this tent offer. 

All James Baroud Roof Top Tents are custom orders.