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King Performance Shock Absorber

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Adjustable King Performance Shock Absorber w/Reservoir

Custom built high performance shock absorbers for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

King OEM performance shocks upgrade the off road suspension of your Mercedes Gelaendewagen. We offer King shocks to fit the W460 and W463 vehicles. These shocks are specifically designed for these vehicles and have the appropriate damping curves for off road performance while still maintaining a smooth ride on the street. These shocks bolt on to the factory shock or strut mounts and might require a small trimming of a bracket. 

King uses 2.5" diameter shock bodies on their OEM shocks which are larger than many of the other direct replacement shocks on the market.  If your truck has been lifted, do not worry, we can have King built custom length shock absorbers for your G-wagen.

Since every step in manufacturing King shocks is done in house in Garden Grove, CA, you can be confident that when you purchase King off road shocks, you know you are getting the highest quality shocks available.

Colors are silver & black. 

Please allow 6-8 weeks before shipping.



Front Shock Absorber

  • Remote mounted Reservoir, Hose Length: 25" L,  29.25" R
  • Extended Length:  25.271"
  • Compressed Length:  15.746"
  • Stroke:  9.525"
  • Adjustable Dampening
  • Fully Rebuildable

Rear Shock Absorber

  • Reservoir mounted to side of Shock Absorber
  • Extended Length:  23.969"
  • Compressed Length:  15.619"
  • Stroke:  8.350"
  • Adjustable Dampening
  • Fully Rebuildable

King Performance Shock Absorber Kit, standard length (2x Front & 2x Rear)    

VTS-7280  G-Wagen Model years 1990 - 2013

VTS-7281  G-Wagon Model years 2014 - 2018       

Custom Length King Performance Shock Absorbers for the Mercedes-Benz G Class:                                                                            

If you need a shock absorber with a longer stroke, King can built them to your specifications. Please note: When the stroke is increased by 1.5" (example), the extended length will increase by 3.5" to 28.75" !

Please contact us for pricing