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Polyurethane Spring Spacer

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30mm Polyurethane Spring Spacer for all Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen - W460, W461 & W463 up to model year 2018

Special designed and molded from a polyurethane elastomeric material in a multi cavity mold, the spacer will give a modest lift while reducing noise, vibrations and harmonics (NVH) levels. These Spring Spacers are vehicle specific made for the Mercedes-Benz W460, W461 & W463 Geländewagen by Daystar, and they are FMVSS 126 Compliant.

Fabricated in thickness of 30mm, these spacers are easily installed under the existing springs (or on top of the spring) by a trained mechanic. The modest 30 mm lift does not require changes to the existing brake lines, ABS cable, shock absorbers and/or steering/alignment geometry.

The kit consists of 4 spring spacers - two (2) spring spacers each, for the front and rear axle

Polyurethane Spring Spacer 30mm   VTS-7160