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Polyurethane Spring Spacer

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30mm Polyurethane Spring Spacer for all Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen - W460, W461 & W463 up to model year 2018

Special designed and molded from a polyurethane elastomeric material in a multi cavity mold, the spacer will give a modest lift while reducing noise, vibrations and harmonics (NVH) levels. These Spring Spacers are vehicle specific made for the Mercedes-Benz W460, W461 & W463 Geländewagen by Daystar, and they are FMVSS 126 Compliant.

Fabricated in thickness of 30mm, these spacers are easily installed under the existing springs by a trained mechanic. The modest lift of 30 mm does not require changes to the existing brake lines, ABS cable, shock absorbers and/or steering/alignment geometry.

The kit consists of 4 spring spacers - two (2) spring spacers each, for the front and rear axle

Polyurethane Spring Spacer 30mm   VTS-7160 

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