Rear Cargo Shelf / Sleeping Platform for LWB Gelandewagen


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This custom German made rear cargo shelf for the LWB G-Class creates a large secure storage area under a flat solid platform.

The platform is strong enough for 2 people to sleep on comfortably with the second row of seats folded, and is a popular vehicle customization for in-car camping!

Handcrafted from very strong Baltic Birch Plywood and finished in imported Finetuft™ velour (MB OEM) carpet. (ThermoRest mattress is optional.)

  • Very easily installed and removable in only less than 10 minutes.

  • All stainless steel hardware included.

  • No modifications, cutting or drilling to your 2002 - 2009 Mercedes– Benz G-500

  • Unrestricted use of rear seats.

  • Creates convenient side storage along the rear side windows - perfect for your groceries and shopping bags—plastic or paper...

A proven design as a great sleeping platform during your outdoor adventures.
Sleeps two nicely & cozy :-)

Handcrafted as a Special Order - crafted with OEM carpet to match your vehicle interior for a factory look.

Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Gray OEM Mercedes-Benz Carpet Finish     VTS-7200               

Black OEM Mercedes-Benz Carpet Finish    VTS-7210              

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