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Rock Sliders for Short Wheelbase (SWB) for W463 Gwagen Models

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SWB Rockmeister™ Rockslider

The G wagon Rockmeister™ is a heavy duty rock slider for all short wheelbase W463 Gelandewagen models from 1991 to 2011 (except G55).

This full size G wagen Rockmeister™ rock slider system protects the rocker panels as well as the expensive stainless steel exhaust parts of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, especially the G500 with its dual exhaust.

The Rockmeister™ G-Wagen rock sliders utilizes the mounting holes for the factory running boards in the W463's body frame and extends down to the main chassis frame elevation protecting the exhaust.  

It is possible to retain the use of the factory Running Boards/Steps due to this modular rock slider design. With our optional RB-Hardware Kit (VTS-7125-4), you can re-install your existing OEM running boards to our Rockmeister rock slider.

Black textured powder coat is the standard finish.

Rock Slider for SWB Gwagen W463 MBUSA --- VTS-7116  

Available separately:
RB-Hardware Kit (four RB-Bracket for the SWB)  --- VTS-7125-4  

These heavy duty Rock Sliders can be mounted to the W460/461 G-wagen after installing the VTS-7136 Rocker Panel Upgrade Kit. 


Installation Instructions