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Truma Cooler C36 - portable Fridge/Freezer 9.5gal/36ltr Single Zone

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The Truma C36 Single Zone Portable Cooler (Fridge/Freezer) is the smallest portable unit in the lineup. Powerful yet compact, it features the same, cooling technology as the larger coolers.

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With the C36 cooler, you have temperature control capabilities that allow you to adjust interior temperatures to either, cooling or freezing conditions.

With about two cubic feet of interior fridge or freezer space, there’s enough room for your beachside picnic or the six-pack for your trail adventures. At 50Ibs, it’s durable enough for any adventure and light enough to remove from your G-Wagen and put back into storage when you’re done with your adventure.

Perfect for your weekends and short adventures

With the LED interior light, you’ll have full visibility when you’re hunting down a late-night trail snack. Use the USB charging port to keep your phone or other electronics powered all day long.  NO ice required.

Portable Freezer and Fridge Features

  1.  Powered by 12/24 V DC compressor
  2.  One way opening lid
  3.  Bottle openers on both sides
  4.  Flat carry and tie - down handles
  5.  Digital display
  6.  Multi-voltage system AC (110 V) and DC (12/24 V)-DC inlet on both ends
  7.  3A USB port and charger
  8.  Robust and stylish corners for protection
  9.  LED interior light
  10.  Divided compartment storage
  11.  Fully refrigerated stepped compartment
  12.  Extra room for upright standing bottles
  13.  Bluetooth App for mobile use


Intuitive digital display with set/actual temperature indicator and control panel with turbo function for faster cooling.

  1. Power switch
  2. Turbo switch
  3. Power indicator / Fault light
  4. Turbo indicator light
  5. LED-Display
  6. Switch compartments / Mode
  7. Temperature settings

Truma Cooler App 

Alternatively, the cooler can be controlled with the free Truma Cooler App using your smartphone (mobile device) in the vicinity via Bluetooth.

• Switch appliance on and off
• Adjust and check the temperature
• Switch turbo on and off
• Change battery discharge protection
• Check battery voltage
• Display error messages







L 26” x W 16” x H 17”

DIM cm

L 65 x W 41 x H 42 cm



Temp Range

-8F to 50F (-22C to 10C)

DC Power

Two 12/24V D.C. outlets

A.C. Power

One 110V A.C. outlet

Average Hourly Amp Draw