Wiring Harness Kit for Driving Lights for G-Class - W463 2002 on


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Driving Light Wiring Harness Kit for W463 2002 on  (may work from 1996 on)

Features interior main power switch, and driving light control with existing Hi-Low Beam stalk switch on the steering column. Dual contact relay, fuse protected, Weather-Pack harness connectors. Perfect for roof rack mounted LED light bars like item VTS-7272.
The Kit consists of: 
  • Power & Control Harness
  • Roof Rack Harness
  • Installation manual

W463 Power & Control Harness (2002 to 2013)

1. Power & Control Harness
2. Dual Contact Relay w/ socket
3. Fuse Holder
4. Ring Terminal +12V
5. Ring Terminal - 12V
6. Weather-Pack Connectors for Driving Light Harness
7. Control Wires Interior Switch
8. Main Switch with wire terminals
9. Control Wire Headlight w/ T-tap & wire terminal

Mercedes-Benz G Class (1979 to date) Roof Rack Harness

1. Roof Rack Harness
2. Weather-Pack Connector, female, Connection to Power & Control Harness
3. Roof Rack Harness Tail, with pins
4. Weather-Pack Connectors, male housing
5. Weather-Pack Connector, female housing with pins & seals for LED light fixture

Driving Light Harness Kit W463 2002 to 2013 - VTS-7172 

Driving Light Harness Kit W463 2014 to 2018 - VTS-7173

Please note: This Harness can be adapted to work in all late model G-wagen.


→ Installation Instructions

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