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Super bright LED reverse/backup lights for your G-Wagen Adventures

Super bright LED reverse/backup lights for your G-Wagen Adventures

Introducing our super bright LED backup/reverse lights for your Mercedes G-Wagon.

LED lights have become increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency, durability, and bright illumination. These lights serve as an additional safety feature, improving visibility when reversing or maneuvering in low-light conditions.

Now these super powerful reverse/backup lights are available as a single or double option. Installation is possible in both the OEM Mercedes stock bumper or the G-Wagenaccessories All Steel Rear Off-road Bumper.

You are going to wish you had installed them sooner!!!!!

G-Wagen LED reverse Backup Light super bright

Mercedes Gwagon LED super bright backup/reverse light additional safety

Amazing illumination Mercedes Gwagen LED backup lights bumper installation plug and play

backup/reverse super bright illumination G-Class 1990 - 2018

Here are some specs for you to gain some further details:

Custom CNC built for just the 1990 to 2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class, with a special powerful dual LED light source by Baja Designs.

No cutting or drilling required, quickly connected new LED reverse light to the existing wire loop.

All Stainless Steel Hardware is included.

LED Light specs:

  • 1,130 lumens Utilizing Dual LEDs
  • Wattage/Amps: 12W / .9A
  • LED Life expectancy 49,900 hrs
  • Hard Coated Polycarbonate Lens
  • Powder Coated Cast Aluminum Housing
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Bezel
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
  • Waterproof up to 9ft & Pressure Washable
  • Standard Limited LED Lifetime Warranty by Baja Designs

We are offering a single LED Backup Light Fixture as a standard plug and play replacement. If so desired you could also replace your rear red fog light with a second LED Backup Light Fixture to create an even brighter rear view illumination. This double light fixture kit comes with a wire harness, which easily interconnects (plug and play) the two LED backup lights.

VTS-7317-1 -- One LED Backup Light Fixture with custom bezel and hardware

VTS-7317-2 -- Two LED Backup Light Fixtures with custom bezels, hardware and an inter-connect wiring harness

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