W463 All-Steel Recovery Rear Bumper


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This tough as nails rear bumper for all SWB and LWB W463 G-Class models is an innovative German engineered replacement for the fiberglass factory bumper, ready for your off-road adventure travels.


  • All-steel, one-piece design Recovery Rear Bumper.
  • Laser cut steel plate, formed nicely and MIG welded over a strong center support beam.
  • Two integrated recovery points in-line with the truck's longitudinal frame rails. 
  • Complete bumper assembly is submerged in a zinc-phosphate bath for added corrosion protection.
  • Finished with an attractive and durable black satin powder coat.


  • High quality materials, craftsmanship and construction.
  • German engineered.
  • Impact absorbing box design together with OEM pre-bend bumper brackets.
  • OEM type mounting provisions for lights and laser-cut brake-outs for the different back-up sensors.
  • Integrated 7-pin trailer socket cut-out/mounting provision (optional Part # VTS-7151-TSOEM or VTS-7158-TS)
  • Threaded M8 mounting provisions for the optional Bumper Step (Part # VTS-7152)
  • Threaded M6 hole for the OEM license plate holder
  • Reinforced M10 support/mounting provisions for G550 trailer hitch.


  • Complete bolt-on application.
  • No holes to be drilled in body or frame!
  • Easy installation to all existing original bumper brackets, except W460 models (need install kit).
  • Re-use all original installation hardware, except new M10 bolts for center bumper bracket (included).
  • Use all the original Mercedes parts from the old bumper, lights and back-up sensors on the new one.  

This rugged bumper works perfectly with our new OEM type Trailer Hitch, item VTS-7156.


W463 Rear Bumper VTS-7151 

For all SWB and LWB W463 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Will fit W460 G-Wagen with special Bracket Kit