G-Wagon Custom Car Cover for 5 Door Models from 1979-2018 (LWB)


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Need some additional storage protection for your G-Wagen?

Our high quality custom car covers are designed to fit all 5 door LWB G-class models from 1979-2018. 

These covers are made in the USA and offer great overall protection for your specific needs.

Protect your investment with these 3 choices of G-Wagon Covers:

Noah Car Cover (perfect for most weather situations) VTS-7590-Noah

  • All weather protection using Kimberly-Clark film barrier technology
  • Highly water, UV and dust resistant while breathable to prevent moisture being trapped up under the cover
  • 4 Layer protection in all weather conditions
  • Inside Layer is Soft Touch to Protect Your Paint from Scratches
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Elastic around bottom for a snug, stay-put fit
  • Grommets along bottom of cover allow you to cable lock the cover to the car or anchor it for windy conditions. 
  • Fits over the factory hard spare tire cover - you will not need to remove your valuable hard tire cover.
  • Fits over the factory front brush guard.
  • Features a custom contoured small pocket to accommodate the roof antenna on newer G500, G550, G55 and G63 models with the factory Mbrace antenna. Cheaper cover designs do not have this feature - without the contoured pocket, over time the antenna on your car would poke and tear through the cover, allowing moisture under the cover. If your 5 door G-class is older and does not have the center roof antenna, this cover will still protect your vehicle.
  • Features contoured mirror pockets to accommodate Gwagens from 1990-2018. If your truck is an earlier model, pre-1990, simply fold your mirrors in and the cover will still fit over the vehicle nicely, as we have demonstrated on a 1985 W460 model in the photo.

Weather Shield HP All Weather Car Cover (more extreme weather) VTS-7590-WS

  • Exclusive High-Performance water resistant fabric
  • Durable, lightweight outdoor protection
  • Dramatic rain dispersion: fabric sheds water as soon as it hits the cover
  • Superior dry time: just shake the cover and it dries in minutes
  • Breathable fabric allows heat, moisture, or condensation under the cover to easily escape
  • Superior paint finish protection thanks to silicone polymers used in the encapsulation formula (less abrasive than flannel)
  • Cover packs into roughly 1/3 the volume of multi-layer fabric covers
  • Easy care: wash and dry at home
  • Durable, fade resistant automotive grade dyes hold their color longer
  • Outdoor or Indoor Use

Fleeced Satin Car Cover (indoor protection from dings and dust) VTS-7590-FS

Fleeced Satin Vehicle Covers provide soft and gentle touch over your G-Wagen's finish offering a slight stretch for proper fit. It will protect your car in any indoor environment and shield it from scratches and dust. 


After a lot of research on car cover technology, we chose these fabric protection choices for our covers because it has the best overall protection against the elements and can be used outdoors (and indoors) all year round. The Noah Car Cover is the cover we use on our own Gwagens!

Made to order, ships in 5-6 weeks from your order date.

Please specify the year and model of your G-Wagen.

Color: Gray

 This is a custom product and is excluded from returns.

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