9.5"x 20" and 10"x 22" G-Wagen Wheels - 463 Industries


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  • $985

We're excited to introduce these great looking wheels for the 463 G-Class Models and 2019 463A Mercedes Benz G Wagon in 20 inch and 22 inch sizes!

  • Hub centric 
  • Your OEM Center Caps will fit
  • Break caliper clearance on your Mercedes G63, G65 and G550 4x4²
  • Concave design
  • Requires conical seat lug bolts

VTS-7740     9.5x20  ET+35 5x130mm    $985.00 each

    VTS-7741     10x22   ET+35 5x130mm    $985.00 each

    VTS-7742     10x22   ET+35 5x130mm    $985.00 each

    VTS-7743     10x22   ET+35 5x130mm    $985.00 each

    VTS -7744    10x22   ET+35 5x130mm    $985.00 each

     All wheels are custom order products.