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Wolf Pack  - VTS-7467

- Durable and stackable storage containers that will last. H
- High density black (HDPE) polyethelene plastic
- 20.1" (510mm) L x 15.8" (400mm) W x 9.1" (230mm) H
- Fasten easily with the Cargo Tie Down Straps

Cub Pack  - VTS-7470

  • Latch and Stack these compact containers inside or on top.
  • More compact than the Wolf Pack, fits inside the storage drawer system
  • 17.3"(440mm) L  x 12.4"(315mm) x 8.3"(210mm)

Corner Brackets for Wolf Pack  - VTS-7468

Secure the corners of your Wolf Pack or sides or your gear, adjustable along the      slats, will fit a variety of setups.
Fastens to your rack utilizing the supplied Eye Nuts (4), Rack Cargo Corners /            Chocks (4)

 Monsoon Bag  - VTS-7469

100% dust and water proof storage solution for the explorer who is determined to beat the elements. Use the cargo straps to secure to your G-Wagen roof rack.
26"(660mm) L x 17.7"(450mm) W x 19.7"(500mm) H