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Low Slimline Roof Racks for G-Wagen

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$1,549.00 - $2,061.00
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Choose the rack length below:

Free Rack Mounted Bottle Opener with each G-Wagen Slimline Roof Rack Purchase!

SlimLine G-Wagen Roof Racks 1979 - 2018 (low profile leg kit) are available in the following 4 sizes:

2.4m THE REAL FULL LENGTH Long Wheel Base (LWB) Mercedes G-Class Roof Rack
Tray Dimensions:  1.475 mm W x 2.4 m L x 50mm H
Leg Dimensions:   170 mm legs (8)


2.2m  (regular) Long Wheel  Base (LWB) Mercedes G-Wagen Roof Rack

Tray Dimensions:  1.475 mm W x 2.2 m L x 50mm H 
Leg Dimensions:   170 mm legs (8)

1.96 m 3/4 Long Wheel  Base (LWB) G-Class Roof Rack

Tray Dimensions:  1.475 mm W x 1.96 m L x 50mm H 
Leg Dimensions:   170 mm legs (6)

1.76 m Short Wheel Base (SWB) G-Wagen Roof Racks

Tray Dimensions:  1.475 mm W x 1.76 m L x 50mm H 
Leg Dimensions:   170 mm legs (6) 

Item Description:

All Frontrunner roof racks kits come complete with the SlimLine II tray, 6 or 8  170 mm Gutter Mount legs, wind deflectors plus all necessary installation hardware.

All Slimline II roof rack kits require easy assembly. All instructions are included.
These low profile, all aluminum roof racks are engineered with modern vehicle design in mind and offer strength, lightness and aerodynamics unmatched by any other roof rack in the industry.  
With the unique patented locking slat system, all accessories and anything else you can dream of to put on the rack can be bolted to the flat slats.  This system provides the most convenient solution for rattle free, secure, and safe travel.  

All Slim Line G-wagen Roof Racks are constructed with a commitment to quality in the FR factory in South Africa.  Each rack is precision engineered to meet the exacting demands of professional expeditioneers who must navigate extreme road conditions as a way of life.  

The slats of the rack have t-slots on both sides, allowing the fitment of accessories to the underside of the rack as well and accommodate 8mm standard bolts.  The legs also take advantage of the t-slots, allowing flexible choices for positioning the rack on the rooftop.   The legs bolt onto the t-slots in the rack, and firmly secure the rack to the roof top by clamping on to the vehicle’s gutter.  

To determine the new vehicle height, add the roof rack height (Slimline Tray dimension of 50mm plus the height of the legs 170mm) to the top of your G-wagen's rain gutter.   

Please note: Please check the leg height carefully as having a roof rack installed might restrict the pop-up mode of the sun roof. 

Expedition Side Rails Full Perimeter - VTS-7196   

Expedition side rails are now available and are a great addition to your Slimline Roof Rack!

Expedition Rail Kit - Front or Back - VTS 7191 

Add this rail kit to either the front or back of any length G-Wagen Slimline II Roof Rack to turn it to an expedition style rack.

Wind Fairing - VTS-7475 

Reduce wind noise and create an instant bold overland look

Additional Slats to create a solid Roof Rack Surface/Platform
Like a solid platform roof rack?
Get the complete additional Slat Kit for your Slimline Roof Rack, to fit in the empty standard slat spaces or select a single slat for additional mounting options.                                                                           

Platform Slat Kit  2.4 m-  VTS-2.4M-SL

Use this kit with the 2.4m Slimline II roof racks

Platform Slat Kit 2.2 m -  VTS-2.2M-SL

Use this kit with the 2.2m Slimline II roof racks

Platform Slat Kit  3/4 -   VTS-3.4-SL

Use this kit with the 3/4 Slimline II roof racks

Single Slat Kit - VTS-1.0-SL

Use this kit for any Slimline II roof rack for a customized look and functionality


Looking for additional accessories for your Slimline roof rack?

Slimline Accessories - Sport 


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